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  • Uniq UI - אפיון ועיצוב חוויית משתמש

Uniq UI

Uniq UI is a boutique UX design studio and the team organizing all UXI events.

We take great pride in our designs, for household brand names such as Pizza Hut and Isrotel, as well as smaller and less-known companies and startups.

The Uniq UI team is lead by Barak Danin, founder of UXI and UX School, and Ido Shavit, .

UX School

UX School has been one of the first schools in Israel to teach UX. Our courses and workshops have been taken by hunderds of UX practiotioners in Israel, as well as visual designers, product managers, developers and others.

Our most popular course these days is our Online UX Course (Hebrew only), which enables you to learn UX from the comfort of your home or office. Students get weekly written feedback on their assignments by experienced UX designers and plenty more. Check our website for more info.