Our company can't pay with a credit card. Can UXI Studio issue an invoice instead?

Yes! We enable registration via invoice, just select "Pay via invoice (Price Quote)" on the registration page. At the moment this process is only available for participants registering from Israel. For participants registering outside of Israel we currently enable PayPal payment only, via EventBrite.

Will I learn new practical skills at this conference?


UXI Studio workshops deliver hands-on training in real world skills. You'll be able to immediately implement the tools and methods you will learn in your daily work.

Besides, Why UXI Studio you ask?
  1. Enrich your practical skills
  2. Meet your peers and expand your network
  3. Learn from the best in their field
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Do you offer special discount for groups?

The largest discount available is the one we offer during our early-bird registration - and for a limited time. Check out the registration page.

What's in the program?

One day (December 15th) with outstanding talks from internationally renowned speakers, for your learning and inspiration, and several full-day workshops with some of the same speakers.

Here are the workshops:

  • Mapping Experiences, with Chris Risdon

    As services become more interconnected across channels and devices—and more importantly across time and space—it’s becoming increasingly important to find ways to gain insight about customers’ interactions with your product or service. We’ll focus on the power and peril of the touchpoint—where customers connect with your product or service, and we’ll show how to map the customer journey across touchpoints and channels...
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  • Get Unblocked, with Denise Jacobs

    As creative professionals, we are called upon to produce and deliver original strategies and solutions to make our companies or clients stand out in the crowd, requiring a high level of creative thinking and generation of innovative ideas. But sometimes constantly having to be “on” creatively can be mentally taxing...
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  • Fun on First Click: Convert Visitors into Passionate (Paying) Customers with Onboarding, with Sebastian Deterding

    What's true for people also holds for websites, apps, and services: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The first few clicks determine what impression your user's forms of your company. And no matter how intuitive or easy to use, your nifty new thingTM has to introduce itself and teach your users how to use it...
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  • Top-Task Analysis: How to Identify and Measure Customers’ Top Tasks, with Gerry McGovern

    Focus. This workshop is about giving you the tools of focus on what customers really want online. Top Tasks Identification is a method that clearly identifies the top tasks of your customers AND the tiny tasks. It is a method of organizational engagement that brings all relevant stakeholders along with a consensual process that firstly answers these questions: What is the task universe of the customers?
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  • Designing for Touch... and Beyond, with Josh Clark

    Touchscreens are everywhere now, even the desktop, and this workshop tells you what you need to know to make the most of them. Fingers and thumbs turn desktop design conventions on their head, with the ergonomics of handheld devices demanding entirely new design patterns for both web and apps...
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Can I choose which parts of the event to attend?

Certainly! You are free to choose which workshop (or workshops) you would like to attend, and if you'd like, you can also attend only the Conference (talk) day.

Can I cancel my ticket once I buy it?
Are there any cancellation fees?

Ticket cancellation is available up to 10 days prior to the event (untill ), with a 5% cancellation fee. After that time cancelling tickets will not be possible.

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