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image description Are you making a holiday of your trip to Tel Aviv? We have just the information you're looking for: a great hotel at a discounted rate, our favorite restaurants and bars and a few more ideas for both night and day.
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The Diaghilev
56 Mazeh St.,
Tel Aviv

The Diaghilev set up a residence in Mazeh St.- a small, picturesque street adjacent to the famous Rothschild Boulevard, in the heart of the White City. It is a quiet but vibrant neighborhood, full of local hangouts and eateries that cater to the needs of the local residents. Ne've Tzedek and the beach are in a walking distance.

The hotel received the 2014 TripAdvisor "Traveler's Choice" award.

To reserve a room at the special UXI Studio rate, make sure to use our registration form (PDF | Word).

Food & Culture
Tel Aviv is fondly called "The city that never sleeps", and it really never does! The city's lively pub and bar regions are always abundant with music and crowds. Here are some of our team's favorite spots:
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