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Some events you can attend. Others you really want to attend, but just can't: sometimes you have already made plans you can't change. Other times the event is too far away or is otherwise not accessible.

Great Speakers 
The UXI Studio conference day was a celebration of international UX talent: Jeffrey Zeldman, Josh Clark, Denise Jacobs, Sebastian Deterding and more. See the event schedule below.


Recorded Talks
The conference was recorded in full, and will be available online by Dec. 18th. Watch it from the comfort of your home or office, wherever you are, on any device.

Participants Loved It!
The vast majority of conference participants rated it 4-5 out of 5. Here's one of the feedbacks we got:
"It was a special experience. Outstanding team of speakers. Well done. Talks were professional, inspiring, extremely enriching", Shir Aloni, Novia

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schedule 15/12

  • Mind the Gap: Designing the Space Between Devices

    There's untapped magic in the gaps between gadgets. Multi-screen design is a preoccupying problem as we try to fit our content into many different screens. But as devices multiply, the new opportunity is less about designing individual screens but designing interactions BETWEEN them—often without using a screen at all. Learn to create web and app experiences that share control among multiple devices, designing not only for screens but for sensors. The technology is already here in our pockets, handbags, and living rooms. Learn how to use it right now.

  • Orchestrating Touchpoints

    As services become more interconnected across channels and devices—and more importantly across time and space—it’s becoming increasingly important to find ways to gain insight about customers’ interactions with your product or service.

    Whether it’s an expanding digital product ecosystem, a cross-channel retail experience, or a complex, intangible service experience -- how do we design experiences that unfold over time and through changing contexts? How do we ramp up new cross-functional teams that don't have a shared sense of process or methodology? But the mandate is there, design a holistic experience seamlessly spanning the whole customer journey. How do you design this journey? One where each moment your organization touches or connects with a person’s life is appropriate, relevant, meaningful, and endearing?

    In this talk, I'll focus on the power and peril of the touchpoint—where customers connect with your product or service. I'll discuss how to orchestrate these moments across increasingly complex journeys.

  • Coffee Break

  • Top Tasks: Making it Easier to Prioritize

    In an age of increasing complexity, prioritizing will be a key skill. It’s easy to add a feature or content, much harder to take away, or to never add at all. How do you identify what your customers really care about, and then be able to defend your decisions to your team and to management? Gerry McGovern has developed a method called Top Tasks Management to do just that. It’s used by organizations such as Cisco, Microsoft, Lenovo, Google, and the European Commission.

  • WTF Wearables?!

    Everyone loves to use the phrase wearable tech–and to talk about how many billions there are to be made–but if wearables are so great, why do they all suck? Author and fashion tech strategist Liza Kindred takes a look at the missteps so far and proposes a new way that finally goes beyond strapping a screen on your wrist–or throwing a sensor in a bracelet. Explore an eye-opening set of design principles and opportunities that go beyond novelty or technology for technology's sake. Learn how to create real insight, joy, and utility with this most personal of technologies—for broadcast, interaction, privacy, tracking, and more. Find out why it's important to think beyond screens and to consider the crucial roles of fashion, utility, fun, and sustainability in your product concept.

    The landscape is fractured, the technology is burgeoning, & the real adoption is just getting started. Liza shares a corrective vision for how to make the most of the amazing opportunity—instead of creating more glassholes.

    Questions answered:

    • What values and design principles are crucial when designing wearables?
    • How can we go about building devices that people will want to use—and keep using after their initial novelty wears off?
    • How have we ended up with so many wearables that are, well, unwearable?
    • What are the opportunities when we expand the idea of "wearable technology" beyond screens?
    • I know about all these bracelets, smart watches, and fitness trackers–but what else is out there, and what's actually working?
  • Lunch Break

  • Understanding Web Design

    When the institutions we have appointed to judge our best work do not understand the nature or value of that work, then our clients, bosses, and coworkers won’t understand it either. And their lack of understanding can put crippling limits on your professional happiness, your long-term career, and the success of your next project. It is hard enough to achieve good design when every stakeholder on your team understands it. But when half the people on your team, possibly including some key “creatives,” don’t know what you do or why you do it, it becomes impossible to deliver good design—design that delights, that achieves business goals and user goals, that creates communities, and that gives people capabilities they didn’t even know they wanted.

    Discover how to find the essence of our profession, and learn to become the ambassador for web design that our work and your career deserve.

  • Coffee Break

  • The Creativity (R)Evolution

    We are incessantly, almost compulsively drawn to gatherings of intelligent, creative people. While we are looking to learn ways to change our professional and personal lives for the better, on a deeper level, we're compelled because we crave profound change and the inspiration to instigate a revolution. There's a movement brewing built upon leveraging the transformative power of creativity to help us work and create better so that we can produce work infused with meaning. Discover how by being your brilliance, instilling tiny habits to cultivate your creative spark, and finally, fomenting creative collaboration based on the tenets of improv and open spaces, you can take the spark of Creativity (R)Evolution and use it as the impetus to push you, your teams, and your companies to create Betterness.

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