WTF Wearables?!

Monday, 15/12/14 at 11:45 (Talk)
Liza Kindred
Founder, Third Wave Fashion

Everyone loves to use the phrase wearable tech–and to talk about how many billions there are to be made–but if wearables are so great, why do they all suck? Author and fashion tech strategist Liza Kindred takes a look at the missteps so far and proposes a new way that finally goes beyond strapping a screen on your wrist–or throwing a sensor in a bracelet. Explore an eye-opening set of design principles and opportunities that go beyond novelty or technology for technology's sake. Learn how to create real insight, joy, and utility with this most personal of technologies—for broadcast, interaction, privacy, tracking, and more. Find out why it's important to think beyond screens and to consider the crucial roles of fashion, utility, fun, and sustainability in your product concept.

The landscape is fractured, the technology is burgeoning, & the real adoption is just getting started. Liza shares a corrective vision for how to make the most of the amazing opportunity—instead of creating more glassholes.

Questions answered:

  • What values and design principles are crucial when designing wearables?
  • How can we go about building devices that people will want to use—and keep using after their initial novelty wears off?
  • How have we ended up with so many wearables that are, well, unwearable?
  • What are the opportunities when we expand the idea of "wearable technology" beyond screens?
  • I know about all these bracelets, smart watches, and fitness trackers–but what else is out there, and what's actually working?
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