Home Beauty Castor oil, 21 amazing beauty uses that you have never known!

Castor oil, 21 amazing beauty uses that you have never known!

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castor oil

Castor oil is the most amazing home remedy, which cures many diseases. While grandparents from past generations, were quick to recommend castor oil as an effective natural way to treat many ailments.

Castor oil, 21 amazing beauty uses that you have never known!
Castor oil is celebrated by lovers of holistic life today, thanks to its powerful healing properties.

Castor oil is beneficial for all parts of the body
You can still find homes that have castor oil, hidden in the shower closet, in the kitchen closet or in the bedroom.

Because for many decades, castor oil has been used for medicinal purposes.

But nowadays, most people have forgotten everything they know about castor oil from their childhood, and only a few still enjoy its miraculous health and beauty benefits.

The immense and wonderful power of castor oil, stems from its main ingredient called ‘ricinoleic acid’ which makes up about 90% of all its ingredients.

This wonderful ricinoleic acid is responsible for the antibacterial properties of castor oil.

And now let’s move on to the great health and beauty benefits of castor oil.

Heals cuts and rashes on the skin
The long-standing use of castor oil to heal cuts and abrasions on the skin, stems from its unique anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

This oil is a wonderful natural way to heal cuts and bruises on the skin.

And while it works to disinfect the incision, it also soothes the pain that results from it.

Just take a clean piece of cloth or cotton wool and leave it on the incision or scrub for 15 minutes.

To enable the antiseptic and healing powers of this miraculous oil, to act.

2. Castor oil eliminates foot fungus
Athlete’s foot causes discomfort and even nuisance.

And by virtue of being a type of infectious fungus that develops in the feet, it is not very easy to deal with.

But fortunately, one of the miraculous natural properties of castor oil, is the elimination of foot fungus.

With the help of this natural wonder treatment, you can easily and effectively eliminate foot fungus and restore it to its healthy natural state.

All you have to do is generously apply castor oil on a clean foot, until you feel it is well soaked in oil.

The wonderful antifungal properties of this oil, will focus on the fungal infection immediately.

At the same time, while you are treating foot fungus on a daily basis, you will notice that one of its features is the addition of natural moisture to the skin.

And the result: healing of cracked skin on the feet.


3. Relieves back pain
Most people, immediately think of taking painkillers to treat their back pain.

But fortunately, painkillers are not your only option.

Because this wonderful castor oil, it effectively relieves back pain.

Similar to using essential oils for massage, massage your sore back with this natural and wonderful oil.

Focusing on the painful areas, to release the stiffness and relieve the pain.

And you will soon feel how its calming effects soothe the pain, while its anti-inflammatory actions activate its magic.

By the way, castor oil is effective for relieving pain and releasing any tight and / or painful organ in the body.

4. Castor oil relieves arthritis pain
In addition to the fact that it relieves back pain, this wonderful oil is also great for relieving joint pain that results from arthritis.

This oil works to relieve joint pain in all parts of the body, making it a great natural painkiller, for anyone suffering from arthritis.

To treat joint pain, soak a clean cloth or cotton ball in oil.

Then place it on the sore joint.

To prevent it from moving, wrap it with a bandage roll and tie lightly.

To intensify the treatment of pain, attach alternately to the joint on which you have placed a piece of cloth soaked while castor, hot bottle.

5. Heals irritable stomach
If you have eaten something that makes their stomach upset or sore, just drink a teaspoon of castor oil.

One of the miraculous benefits of castor oil, is a thorough detoxification and this activity will soothe your stomach.

Aside from the fact that it is a great natural laxative, this wonderful oil also treats:

Irritable bowel syndrome
Trapped gases
Abdominal cramps both before and during menstruation
And other symptoms of this type.

1 teaspoon, once a day is enough to help your body cleanse various toxins and even improve digestion.

6. Castor oil treats ringworm
Ringworm – a contagious fungal infection that can occur on the skin, on the skin, on the scalp and sometimes even with the nails.

This natural miracle cure for ringworm is actually a combination of castor oil along with coconut oil produced by cold pressing.

Just mix 1 tablespoon of castor oil along with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, and spread on where the fungus is.

Keep applying this natural wonder combination until the fungus disappears.

It is recommended that you continue to apply it afterwards, three times a week, to prevent the fungus from returning.

7. Strengthens your immune system
Easily strengthen your immune system, with the help of the miracle oil that heals everything.

Incorporate this natural and wonderful oil into your daily diet to increase your T-11 cell count.

T-11 cells are the ones responsible for making antibodies in your body.

1 teaspoon a day, before a meal.

8. Castor oil prevents premature aging
In order to smooth wrinkles and even prevent them naturally and effectively around: the lips, eyes, forehead and anywhere else in the body.

Simply apply castor oil at the absorption level, in any area you have wrinkles including in other organs of the body.

This wonderful oil is rich in vitamin E and is effectively absorbed into the skin, down to the deepest layers.

In addition, thanks to the fact that this wonderful oil contains an abundance of natural fatty acids, it also preserves the health of your skin.

At the same time, castor oil also helps heal scars and blemishes and even stimulates collagen production, while softening and enriching the skin with moisture.

9. Treats inflammation of the skin
Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, applying castor oil to the skin slowly eliminates the inflammation.

These are various infections, from acne and dermatitis to psoriasis.

Just take a clean piece of cloth or cotton wool, soak it in a little oil and spread on the inflamed area.

It is advisable to leave the oil on the spot for at least an hour, before you wash your face.

Do this at first every day, after the inflammation disappears, do this three times a week to prevent the recurrence of the inflammation.

10. Castor oil reduces acne outbreaks
Anyone who suffers from acne, whether you are a teenager or an adult, it is time for you to get help with this powerful miracle cure.

You may feel that it is a little strange to apply oil on your oily skin, but rest assured that this natural remedy works great.

This is thanks to the ricinoleic acid that kills the bacteria on your skin, which cause acne.

Rinse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water, then apply the wonder oil.

Apply at an absorbance level only, and avoid applying until the face becomes oily.

Apply the castor oil on the face, after rinsing with lukewarm water, before bed so that the miracle cure can work throughout the night.

Do this every day until the acne passes and it is recommended that you continue to do this, at least 3 times a week, to prevent it from recurring.

11. Reduces blemishes on the skin
Hyperpigmentation, may leave faded or dark spots on your skin.

Reduce them significantly, by applying castor oil on the stains.

Whether you have freckles, uneven skin tone or sun spots, applying castor oil is a perfect natural solution.

Be sure to apply castor oil every night before bed, on a clean face.

Even after the stains or all of the above disappear, continue to apply castor oil at least 3 times a week to prevent the appearance of new stains.

12. Castor oil is a natural moisturizing treatment
This wonderful oil, is actually a very powerful natural moisturizer.

From the moment you apply it on your skin, it leaves your skin younger and completely moisturized.

Once your skin absorbs the castor oil, it continues to be absorbed into the deepest layers of your skin.

And this is the main reason why this miraculous oil, is such an effective treatment for eczema.

Just add it to the natural moisturizer you made at home, or to another moisturizer.

This will make sure that your skin gets a regular dose of oil every day, and that your skin gets enough moisture.

You can also simply apply the oil on your skin every night before bed, after rinsing your face with lukewarm water, at a level of absorption only.

13. Treats faded marks and scars
If you have prominent scars or wound marks that have healed, castor oil is the ideal solution for you.

Apply a drop of oil to each scar and / or mark every day.

As you persist in applying castor oil to them every day, you will notice how they heal and disappear.

Apply protruding scars, wound marks

Sea healed to freckles.

14. Castor oil raises and prevents stretch marks
The healing power of this miracle oil also heals and prevents stretch marks.

And even more so, regular application of castor oil on the areas of your body that tend to show stretch marks on them, will prevent them from occurring.

When you apply castor oil on a daily basis, on the areas of your body where stretch marks tend to appear.

You will notice that the elastin that this wonderful oil contains, prevents the appearance of new stretch marks.

15. Eliminates scalp infections
The antibacterial properties of this great oil are excellent for eliminating scalp infections.

Any itching or dandruff that has occurred, as a symptom of any infection on your scalp will also be treated.

Its antifungal properties also work to eliminate this infection.

After overlapping and drying the hair with a towel, apply a little castor oil on the scalp at a level of absorption only.

Avoid applying the amount that will make your scalp oily.

16. Castor oil restores hair to its natural color
Hair removal at a young age, is something that everyone wants to avoid.

Gray hair occurs when the pigments in the hair strands are reduced, causing the hair to turn gray or bleach.

But using castor oil as a hair mask, inhibits the loss of pigments and even revives them.

Apply castor oil to your hair and hair roots once or twice a week, until absorbed, before overlapping.

Leave it on your head and hair for at least two hours, at a time, then wash it off in the shower.

17. Encourages new hair growth
Does your hair grow slowly? Do you want to thicken your eyebrows?

Just apply castor oil on a daily basis, to encourage hair growth.

Gently massage a drop of oil, into any area where you want to encourage hair growth and thickening.

And you will also notice that in addition to accelerating growth, regeneration and thickening of your hair, your hair will be stronger.

Apply the castor oil on the scalp and / or eyebrows, in areas where you want your hair to grow.

Massage the oil gently, until completely absorbed and do not overdo the amount because you do not want oily head and eyebrows.

Do this massage after the shower, when the pores of your skin are ready to absorb well.

18. Castor oil enriches your hair with moisture
Anyone with particularly dry hair or particularly dry scalp should apply the wonderful castor oil on them.

In addition to the fact that applying castor oil enriches the skin and hair with moisture, it heals all of this and will make your hair shiny and healthier in a flash.

You can apply it directly, or add it to your hair products.

19. Treats and prevents dryness of the lips
Whether your lips tend to be dry and chapped most of the time or whether they dry out and crack at certain times of the year, applying a little castor oil will help you a lot.

Apply a drop or two of castor oil on the lips every day, in the morning and / or in the evening.

This way you can maintain the moisture of the lips and prevent and / or treat their dehydration.

20. Castor oil enriches your eyes with moisture
If you suffer from dry eyes, the wonderful castor oil is definitely the natural solution you are looking for.

But it is advisable to find natural eye drops, which already contain the oil.

Of course you can apply a drop of castor oil on the eyelids, very gently, and around the eyes.

But not directly inside the eye.

21. Improves the quality of your sleep
If you have trouble falling asleep at night, gently apply one drop of castor oil on the eyelids.

This natural miracle cure will cause you to fall asleep faster and also sleep deeper and better quality.

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