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Cherries, the main health benefits

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Cherries, the main health benefits

Cherries are a pampering and delicious summer fruit that is fun to eat. But apart from the fact that cherries are so sweet and enjoyable to eat, they are also rich in nutritional benefits.

Cherries, the main health benefits

Cherries, like other fruits, contain natural and nutritious sugar that turns your body into available energy.

Contrary to many dieters’ beliefs, the sugar contained in cherries as well as other fruits does not cause weight gain.

On the contrary, eating fruit has been proven in several studies to help with weight loss and blood sugar balance.

5 main health benefits of cherries
1. Anti-inflammatory
Cherries are a very important part of an anti-inflammatory diet.

Making them an excellent natural food, for treating and relieving conditions such as arthritis and heart disease.

In studies conducted over the past decade, researchers have found that chronic inflammation is the source of all diseases and various health conditions.

Therefore, adding cherries and fruits and vegetables in general to your daily diet will help your body eliminate inflammation and prevent chronic infections.

2. Cherries prevent and kill cancer cells
Cherries are naturally abundant in powerful antioxidants, called anthocyanins.

These anthocyanins, which are a type of polyphenols, stop the development of cancer cells in the body from the very beginning.

In studies conducted in recent years, researchers have concluded that the anthocyanin cyanidin, prevents genetic mutations that may lead to cancer and prevents the growth of cancer cells in the body.

Eat the fresh cherries, in order to enjoy their health benefits.

In this study, the researchers found that anthocyanins cause programmed cancer cell death in the body.

And in another study, the researchers found that cherries were anti-cancer.

3. Prevent and treat gout (Gout)
Gout (gout) is a condition characterized by an excess of uric acid in the body.

Eating cherries causes a decrease in the acidity levels in the urine, and even reduces the levels of C-reactive protein.

In a study on cynicism and cherries, the researchers found that consuming cherries reduces the risk of recurrent gout attacks.

Besides, cynicism is characterized by attacks of arthritis and the content of vitamin C and the fact that they are anti-inflammatory, also helps in relief and treatment.

Eating 45 sweet cherries during the day will provide you with this relief.

Cherries, the main health benefits

4. Cherries help you sleep better
Melatonin, is the hormone that regulates the sleep cycles and notes of our bodies and is not easy to find in food sources.

But cherries are one of the few natural food sources that abound in it.

Drinking fresh cherry juice that you make at home, is the best way to raise melatonin levels in your body.

Melatonin levels are high enough and balanced in the body, they are the ones that improve the quality of your sleep.

5. Balance high blood pressure
This delicious little red fruit is one of the natural solutions for balancing high blood pressure.

One reason for this is that cherries contain a good amount of potassium.

In addition, cherries also contain quercetin, which is a very powerful flavonoid antioxidant.

Quercetin is a natural flavonoid, which is very important for maintaining the health of your blood vessels and heart.

Cherries are a delicious, beautiful and enjoyable fruit to eat that is also very beneficial to our health.

In order to enjoy their many health benefits, eat them when in season or frozen with no additives.

And whenever you have the opportunity, choose organic cherries.

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