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How do an apple and a tomato maintain muscle mass at any age?

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How do an apple and a tomato maintain muscle mass at any age?

An apple and green tomatoes have been shown in the study to have a wonderful ability to maintain muscle mass at any age including old age and even more. So how does this happen?

How do an apple and a tomato maintain muscle mass at any age?
An apple and a tomato have been discovered by U.S. researchers in a groundbreaking study published in the journal Biological Chemistry, as having a natural ability to preserve and renew muscle mass at any age.

In this groundbreaking study, they first discovered what causes weakness and loss of muscle mass in old age.

They hoped that this study would lead to treatments that would reduce the weakness and loss of muscle mass during adolescence.

These researchers from Loa University in the state of Iowa, USA, discovered a protein that causes a loss of strength and muscle mass as we get older.

This protein is called ATF4 and it causes replication.

This means that the ATF4 protein changes the expression of the genes in the skeletal muscles, which leads to a reduction:

In muscle protein synthesis
In their power
And in their mass
As reported by the university.

And in the same study where the researchers found what causes muscle mass loss, the researchers found another amazing finding.

How do an apple and a tomato maintain muscle mass at any age?

The researchers identified two natural compounds
One compound was detected in an apple, and the other compound was detected in a green tomato.

These two natural compounds have been shown to reduce the activity of the ATF4 protein in adult skeletal muscle.

Earlier, researchers identified a natural compound called ursolic acid, which comes from apple peels.

Ursolic acid – is found in many plants and also in herbs and foods such as: hawthorn, cranberry, lavender, elderberry, blueberry, mint and thyme. It is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral and it even prevents the overgrowth of Candida albicans.

In addition, uric acid also prevents cancer. It stimulates programmed cell death of various cancer cells including: leukemia, liver cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and melanoma.

And another compound called tomatoidine, which comes from tomato peels.

Tomatidine – a steroid alkaloid naturally formed in the tomato plant and green tomatoes. In a study published in 2020, the researchers found that this natural substance kills the Chikungunya virus, which is transmitted by mosquitoes.

The natural compound thomatidine, also has a natural antibiotic activity in the human body and it works against E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus and various types of fungus.

The researchers identified two natural compounds as small molecules that have a miraculous ability that prevents acute muscle exhaustion caused by hunger and lack of exercise.

As a result
The researchers in this study created an experiment to test whether these two natural compounds are effective in blocking the biggest cause of muscle weakness and degeneration: aging.

In a study on mice uric acid and thomatidine, increased muscle mass by 10% and muscle quality and strength by 30%.

Following these results, the researchers concluded that the magnitude of these effects suggests that the above two natural compounds, largely restore muscle mass and strength to the levels of young adults.

“Based on these results, uric acid and tomatidine have great potential as natural tools for dealing with muscle weakness and degeneration during the body’s natural aging.”

Noted senior research author Christopher Adams.

“We also thought we might be able to use uric acid and tomatidine as tools to find the root cause of muscle weakness and degeneration as the body ages.”

While investigating the molecular effects of uric acid and tomatidine.

The research team found that these two natural compounds turn off a group of genes that are activated by the ATF4 replicating factor.

Which led them to engineer and research a new strain of mice, which do not have the ATF4 protein in skeletal muscle.

In this study, they found that similar to the adult muscles treated with uric acid and tomatidine.

Adult muscles that do not have the ATF4 protein are resistant to the effects of age.

“By reducing ATF4 activity, uric acid and tomatidine allow skeletal muscle to recover from the effects of aging,” Christopher Adams explained.

To enjoy a healthy and stable skeletal muscle mass, eat one green tomato and at least one apple with the peel every day.

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